TREVOR "The Games Man"


Crowd Shots

The crowd at Conrad Duquette's 50th birthday bash 4/5/8 at the Yankee Pedlar in Holyoke MA are in the middle of the ice breaker called Who's the Leader? It's the opening game of The Party Game Show: , in which the birthday boy off camera up front is trying to figure out which one of his guests everyone is imitating!


This was a newspaper photo, hence the graininess. But I just love this picture. It's taken at the Bahai Street Fair in Northampton MA August 1995. The kids were sitting on the curb watching me perform in the parking lot of this very poor housing development.


This was a very sweet event: Sarah "Sally" Montgomery and Priscilla "Chips" Wahlen's wedding in South Hadley MA. It was a gorgeous location with an awesome view. They had the tent set up where everyone could all see the vista. (You can see the tent stakes behind the faceless man in the suit on the right.) I was here for a couple of hours at least. We got to do everything. I arrived on stilts, did a show, took off the stilts and showed them to the group, played parachute games, and then we all made ribbon dancers to help celebrate the wedding! Yay!


7/30/00 UMass-Amherst. It was my privilege to lead a Cooperative Play Staff Development Training for the CIEE Japanese Teacher Exchange Program five times from 1995-2000. Most of these people couldn't speak English, so I had to do a lot of visual explaining, plus they translated for each other. But they sure enjoyed the games! They especially liked the games I do that have a Western theme as well as the acting games. And I'm delighted that New Games & Cooperative Play have gone to Japan not once but five times because of my work!  


 These three photos are all from the Bristol Public Library summer reading program kick-off event in Bristol CT 7/6/7. It was a very active and participatory crowd. Although you can't see it in the two smaller photos, even most of the parents participated in all the games! I just love it when that happens. Everyone has so much more FUN when the adults participate all the way through.



A good-sized crowd of young readers gathered on the lawn at the Farmington Public Library's end of the Summer Reading Program event 8/27/12.


  These three (above, left, below) are all from the 
  Byram Shubert Library in Greenwich CT on 2/19/8.
  I just love the boy in the photo above all the way
  to the right who's pointing up. The Byram Shubert
  Library was adding a new wing to their very
  gorgeous library, so they had a temporary library
  set-up across the street and a temporary activity
  site behind that across another street. They were
  all spread out.
  But nonetheless, it was still a bustling place and
  their library events were still very well attended... 
  as you can see in the photo below. The top one is
  one of my all-time favorite pictures of me at work!




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