TREVOR "The Games Man"


My Favorite Pictures of My Work!


And a small crowd gathers! The view from the top!

Strawberry Ice Cream Social
River Valley Co-op
Northampton MA
June 18, 2015


 Byram Shubert Library
Greenwich CT
February 19, 2008

 The library was under construction, so my show was in a nearby gym. All the kids are laughing most uproariously! Pretty much all the adults look to be at least smiling, too. I just love the boy all the way to the right who is pointing up at me with a grin on his face.

 Deb Schwartz photo
Holyoke Day Nursery
Holyoke MA
February 1989
This is my all-time favorite parachute picture!! It was taken by my housemate who got me the gig. They've booked me seven more times since then. Thanks Deb! I have a 9½ X 14 of this behind glass on the wall in my Play Room. Written on the back of this are the names of the four girls left to right: Keila Martinez, Lila Kennedy, Stacy Gaurdrait, and Jennifer Chaput. As I write this in 2016, they all are in their thirties. If you are one of them, please contact me. I'd love to get in touch with you!
By the way, this photo is also in the background of this picture.
Green River Festival,
Greenfield MA
July 17, 1999



Yellow Sneakers 
Green Fields Market Member Appreciation Day
Greenfield MA
June 6, 2003
The yellow sneakers were my faves of all the shoes I've had on my stilts since the very beginning. With the red laces, they matched my (then) brand new red & yellow wide-striped pants really well. I only wish these shoes had lasted longer than two years.

 "Monkeys Jumping Through a Hoop"
Almont New Church Assembly
Almont MI
Everywhere I go, the children just love doing this. Here's how it works: all the children stand in a line about where the boy in the dark blue t-shirts is. I make a big loop with Big Yellow and all the children try to make it through before it hits the ground. Then they circle around and line up again. Two out of four made it. The boy on the right will make it. But the girl on the left obviously didn't!

May Pole family camp out weekend
Hardwick MA
the first Sunday in May of some year
This is the grand whoop-la when the May Pole weavers have finished their dance and the actual May Pole (center, at angle) is finally completely wrapped up top to bottom: everyone waves their ribbon dancers in the air, claps and cheers, whoops and hollers, and generally makes a big happy NOISE! 


 This is my son, Jason. He is awesome!



 Bahai Street Fair
Florence Heights Apartments
Northampton MA
August 4,  1995

This was a newspaper photo, hence the graininess. But I just love this picture. The kids were sitting on the curb watching me perform in the parking lot of this very poor housing development.



Getting a ride back to the beginning from Johnny Paindiris. It's hard to tell, but I'm actually crossing my legs over the hood. If you look carefully, you can just barely see the toe of my right shoe just to the right of the toe of my left shoe. (I absolutely do NOT have my right shoe on my left foot!)

Park Road Parade
West Hartford CT
October 7, 2017





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