TREVOR "The Games Man"


Some Basic Info About
TREVOR "The Games Man"

TREVOR "The Games Man" is:
* a trained and certified New Games Leader
* a Cooperative Play Specialist
* a professional stiltwalker
* a Cooperative Play Staff Development Trainer
* a Team-Building Workshop leader
* Project Ribbon Dancer craft project presenter 
* an all around FUN guy! [Yup, I'm a fungi.]

As of 12/14/17 TREVOR has: 
* made 6,926 professional appearances
* in 16 states and provinces
* entertaining more than 1,983,428 people of all ages (yes, I keep track!)

TREVOR's current official cumulative Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Rate
is over 99.9%!
(To be exact: 99.96391%.)

TREVOR did his first professional appearance in 1972 at age 16. He now does 200-300 shows a year. Southern New England and the Connecticut River Valley from mid-state Vermont to the coast of Connecticut are his home stomping grounds where he does about 75% of his appearances, however he regularly appears in all 6 New England states and nearby areas of New York State and has done performances all across the U.S. as well as a few in Canada.

Although only about 30% of his work is strictly with kids, TREVOR is proud to have been voted "The Best Children's Entertainer" in the Valley Advocate art & news weekly's annual readers' poll for Western Massachusetts. However, he doesn't like being pigeonholed as a "children's entertainer" since he also works extensively with teens, adults, and elders and routinely gets rave reviews with these age groups all the time, too!

TREVOR was also voted "Best Crowd Pleaser" in the Newport RI Saint Patrick's Day parade in 2017. He loves stiltwalking in parades, and the crowds love him right back every time!

Other awards and accolades include:
   * The Austin Miller Co-op Hero Award (for an Individual)
        River Valley Co-op, Northampton MA, 2016
   * Entertainer of the Month
        County Fairgrounds, U.S.A., June 2009  
   * Student Work Award
        Bryn Athyn College, Bryn Athyn PA, 1975

TREVOR is the original founder of the Hats Off Performers Guild in 1993. Currently, an association of seven full-time performers and presenters living in Western Massachusetts, the Hats Off Performers Guild meets on a monthly basis to discuss business, practice and critique performance pieces, share success stories, troubleshoot professional difficulties, have FUN together, and much, much more including simply to enjoy each other's company. This group has been meeting for 25 years now... I love these guys!

TREVOR has also served time as:
   --- Cooperative Games column writer
   --- Family Day Care Provider
   --- Summer Camp Director, Assistant Director, Rec Director
   --- Youth Director
   --- After School Rec Program Leader
   --- Water Safety Instructor, Swimming Teacher, Lifeguard
   --- National Teen Organization President
   --- Monthly Teen Magazine Editor
   --- School Bus Driver
   --- Senior Surrey Driver
   --- Kitchen Crew Supervisor and Dish Washer
   --- Janitor and Janitorial Crew Supervisor
   --- Parent 

TREVOR is very happily married to the love of his life; and the father of two happy grown-up kids who are also safely ensconced in happy marriages which have produced two grandkids so far. YAY!



PO Box 463, Haydenville, MA 01039