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Personal Ribbon Dancer Pix


This photo is titled "Monkeys Jumping Through a Hoop" and everywhere I go, the children just love doing this. This is also one of my lovely wife's favorite photos. Here's how it works: all the children stand in a line about where the boy in the dark blue t-shirts is. I make a big loop with Big Yellow. And all the children try to make it through before it hits the ground. Then they circle around and line up again. Two out of four made it. The boy on the right will make it. But the girl on the left obviously didn't! 

Every once in while when I just need to get out of the house, I grab my two favorite ribbon dancers and head for Pulaski Park in Northampton, stake out some turf on the lawn, and just practice my heart out. This was one such time. 
These two photos above and below were taken at May Pole, a weekend family camp-out celebration in Hardwick MA that I've been attending for decades. Above is the grand whoop-la when the actual May Pole (center, at angle) is finally completely wrapped up top to bottom. Below is way before then in the celebration. All the kids in line by the man in the straw hat (our host) are carrying the May Pole across the fields to the spot where it goes into the ground. There's a bit of whoop-la that goes along with this, too. In fact, it's a grand parade across the grounds!

These two above and below were also at the same event, different years.  
 And this one is also at May Pole sometime in the mid to late 90's.

August 1994 (?)
White Lake State Park, Tamworth NH
I keep my two favorite ribbon dancers in my travel bag, which pretty much always goes to the beach with me. So I'm often using my big ribbon dancers on the beach. It often gathers a crowd of interested kids. (The adults always watch, too, they just keep their distance.) What I'm actually doing here is making a "tunnel" which the child on hands and knees is crawling through.  The kid in the dark trunks is waiting for his turn. The further along the "tunnel" you go, the smaller it gets. Wind really plays havoc with it, too. But these kids played this game for quite a while that day. By the way, that's my daughter in the black bathing suit.

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