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Photos at Events for Adults

 April 5, 2008
Conrad Duquette's 50th birthday bash
the Yankee Pedlar
Holyoke MA
    These first six photos above were all taken by Christian Duquette at the Yankee Pedlar restaurant in Holyoke at his father Conrad Duquette's 50th birthday bash. That's Conrad and me in the top photo at the beginning of my banquet show The Party Game Show, followed by a group shot playing Who's the Leader?, then a couple pix of the real mind bender Hand Uno at one of the young adults' tables, next comes the stand-up game of Quick Draw!, and finally, these four at the bottom just wanted a picture of them with me in it.

July 5, 2008
General Convention of Swedenborgian Churches
Bridgewater State College
Bridgewater MA
   My lovely wife and I were delighted when we heard that our church's annual national convention was scheduled to be in Massachusetts this year... we haven't attended in well over a decade. So when I got a call from my old friend Katie Shelley Brown (pictured just above in the brown chair in the foreground) about doing a "mini-course" on Cooperative Play, I was thrilled. Mini-courses are basically break-out groups on various subjects that may or may not have anything to do with the church or the theme of the convention. 
   We ended up with from 6-10 people (several had to leave partway through, and others showed up partway through) in a mostly empty room, and basically I could do anything I wanted. Since it was a smaller group than my usual adult events, I was pleased when they said they were more interested in the more active games. So, from top to bottom the six pictures above show: 1) the tangle of Knots, 2) the letter "R" in Numbers/Letters/Shapes Together, 3) a lot of smirks at the beginning of some partner games, 4&5) before and after close-ups in one of the partner games: Quick Draw!, and 6) some silliness during Who's the Leader?
   One other very sweet thing about this event is that I actually know all these people! Some of them since birth; some for all their lives; others for longer or shorter times. Some, I even know their children or their parents! So it was especially wonderful to play games with all these people I know, most of whom I hadn't seen for years.

October 23, 1990 
Amherst MA
The two photos above were taken at an A New Approach to Team-Building workshop I did for the Boltwood Project in Amherst MA. In the upper photo, we're playing  Name Train, and I'm not sure what game we're playing in the lower one, but everyone sure looks like they're are having FUN!
 June 10, 2012
 Cranston RI
   Was delighted to meet up with this old friend at the Garden City Craft Show. She's clearly delighted, too.

 December 5, 2012
New York City NY
   Had a wonderful Christmas Party gig in NYC for the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) division of the CME Group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange). It wasn't an adult event, but when they took polaroids of each of the children with me, I asked them to take one of me and the delightful woman who hired me, Jennifer L. Ziehe, CME Group, Director, Client Development and Sales... and, evidently, of Christmas Parties, too!

January 20, 2008
West Dover VT

    Walking down the hallway at the Grand Summit Hotel at Mount Snow before my show. This guy was really happy to see me. He walked beside me chatting all the way down the hallway.





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