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"All our needs were met. I'm
very pleased — we  had so much fun!
You gave us so many good,  simple,
creative games to play — good types, too!
This was the first workshop that was
actually good and held our interest."
Christina Genco, Hazardville Daycare Center, Enfield CT

and other introductory workshops

"hands on" staff development trainings

Teachers, day care providers, activity directors, camp staff, and anyone else who works with children, as well as those who work with adults of all abilities, will experience a large repertoire of New Games & Cooperative Play specially selected to meet your needs. It can include circle games, singing games, partner games, sharing games, thinking games, running games, and both serious and silly games.

Workshop vary in length from the standard 2-hour introductory workshop to an all-day Cooperative Play Staff Training Day, and are designed to introduce the concepts of Cooperative Play as well as present a wide variety of "everybody wins" games directly applicable to your work. Each participant will get a packet of handouts that includes a games list, bibliography, tips sheets, appropriate article reprints, and other fun stuff.

You will learn 7 easy methods to change games to fit your needs, as well as 4 simple leadership suggestions to help you present the material. You'll leave with a handy list of "1-Liners That Work" for a variety of trouble situations. And when you learn the self-esteem-building Everybody Wins philosophy, you'll discover that it's not competition that's the problem, it's being a loser. (And we don't want anyone thinking they're losers, do we?)

All trainings are "hands on": you will actually play the games. This way, you will know what the games are like and their suitability for your group far better than by just reading about them or hearing someone tell you how to play them. There is also the opportunity to ask questions and peruse a selection of appropriate books. In addition to the educational aspects of this workshop, you will also experience the joy of just plain having fun with your peers!

Besides the standard Introduction to Cooperative Play workshop, more focused Cooperative Play trainings include:
    ---> Indoor Games for Younger Children
    ---> Active Outdoor Games for School-Age Children
    ---> Non-violent Games for Teens
    ---> Cooperative Play with Elders
    ---> Parachute Games
    ---> "A New Approach to Team-Building"

Plus, TREVOR can custom-design a workshop full of games that meet your specific needs and/or on just about any related subject; in fact, that's how the Indoor Games for Younger Children workshop first came about. So please be sure to explain if you have any specific goals in mind, recreation-related problems that keep cropping up, or relevant situations where you know that you could use some guidance from a seasoned professional. TREVOR is here to help you solve your recreation problems as well as introduce your staff to a whole new world of Cooperative Play!

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