TREVOR "The Games Man"


"I've never seen anyone with
such a command of an
audience. You were terrific!"

Lynn Friend, Byram Shubert Library, Greenwich CT


an uproarious, participatory stage show for kids & families

You've never seen a show like this because nobody else does what TREVOR does. TREVOR leads your group through a wide variety of unusual, inter-active, cooperative, FUN activities especially selected for your specific audience.

This is a 100% participatory show: the audience is busy from start to finish. TREVOR calls volunteers up from the audience, we count down to blast off, they call out various things in several categories for him to do, they get to guess animal and sports impressions, there's even a haircut or two (pictured right). And, of course, there's lots of everyone-participates cooperative games! He tells them not to laugh (above) and they laugh all the way through!

For openers, TREVOR begins on stilts, standing over 9' tall and it sure gets everyone's attention right away! The first half of the show is TREVOR's Aerial Delights: a participatory, up-in-the-air extravaganza of tricks and skills featuring wind whistlers, ribbon dancers, the color-changing Chameleon Stick, and all sorts of other FUN stuff.

The first half closes with the strictly educational part of the show: TREVOR takes the stilts off, shows the audience how they work and answers their questions about their construction, how they work, what's it like, what's that for, are they easy, and may we try them on right now please?!!

And now, it's game time! We'll start the second half with large group games for the entire audience as a group: Who's the Leader? and Hula Hoop Basketball are perennial favorites. After that comes several brain games including guessing games, riddles, and minute
mysteries for the group to figure out 20 Questions style.

For the 7th inning stretch, we'll get out of our  seats for an active jumping and ducking game called Samurai Warrior (don't lose your head!), which will be followed by a few quick and easy <------------  partner games, switching partners between each one because these games are mixers, too!

Next, we'll sit back down together again for one more large group game that will pull everyone back together. It might be Thunder Storm or Balloon Soccer or even The B.F. Skinner Behavior Modification Game! In fact, it might be just about anything... but you can be sure that it will get everyone working together and that it will be a mighty lot of FUN!

And as we come to the end of the show, it's time for the  grand finale: our last game. It's a  crowd-stopping closer! It's FUN! It's funny! It's quick! It's easy! It's over before you  know it! It's The Fastest Game in the World!  -------->
And if you want a third half...
Project Ribbon Dancer is a craft project, a party favor, and a really cool toy all mixed up into one! Ribbon dancers are that classic looooooooooooong ribbon-on-a-stick toy. The children are fascinated when TREVOR opens up his big red suitcase and sets up the Ribbon Dancer Factory. Oohs and ahhs go through the group as they catch sight of all the different styles and colors of ribbons to choose from. As each child picks their favorite one, it's attached to a bamboo handle. And here comes the artistic part: the kids get to decorate and customize their handle with a wide variety of colored tapes. When they're done, then they got to play with their new creation, keep it, and take it home with them as a souvenir of the event to enjoy at home again and again! What FUN!
Past clients' response to this show has been 100% positive!
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