TREVOR "The Games Man"

[A Unique Way to Have FUN at the Fair]
"Doing a craft was thoroughly
enjoyed by the children and
certainly enhanced your visit."

~Charles A. Henry, chairman of the Board of Governors, Shriners Hospital, Springfield MA


an add-on craft project that's great after any show
or as a stand-alone activity booth at children's events

Project Ribbon Dancer is a combination craft project, party favor, and a really cool toy all swirled up into one!

Ribbon Dancers are one of the pieces of up-in-the-air equipment TREVOR uses to entertain the crowds while stiltwalking and during the first half of his popular children's shows:
1. Giants & Giraffes * Dragons & Detectives,
2. The Outdoor Special
3. The Indoor Birthday Special.

It's that loooooooooooong ribbon-on-a-stick toy. Wave it all around in the air, up and down, side to side, round and round, creating swirling designs and captivating patterns. And after seeing all the tricks TREVOR does with it, the children (and a surprising number of teens and adults!) are absolutely delighted when they get to make one for themselves!

When TREVOR opens up his Big Red Ribbon Suitcase and sets up the ┬ÉRibbon Dancer Factory, ooohs and aaahs go through the crowd as they catch sight of all the different colors, sizes, and types of ribbons to choose from. Some kids know which one they want right away, while others need to deliberate for a bit. One by one, as each child chooses their favorite ribbon, it's attached to the end of a bamboo handle, and a good length of ribbon is spooled out and snipped off. 

And then the creativity begins: It's time to decorate your handle! Using lots of different colors and sizes of vinyl and paper tapes, the children create their own personal work of art. Some pick a few favorite colors. Others go for the many-different-stripes effect. Some put on so much tape that their handle doubles in thickness. A few are still at it until the very end with a special intricate design they made up all by themselves. And then there are those who quickly cover the entire handle in one color because they are so anxious to start playing with it!
And play with it, they shall! The children absolutely love using their very own Ribbon Dancer after they're done with the decorating! They picked the ribbon. They decorated the handle. And now they all get to play with them together! Many end up asking TREVOR how to do specific trick they saw him do. Others make up their own tricks. And yet others just improvise and ad lib all the way!

And you know what? Often, a surprising number of teens and adults (yes, adults!) want one, too, and they end up having just as much FUN as the kids!

It's wonderful to simply watch them all go at it. As someone once said, "A child's simple joy is a pleasure to behold." In their exuberance, the children don't realize that they are also practicing gross motor skills, upper body exercise, and hand-eye coordination at high speeds. All they know is that they liked watching TREVOR use it, they liked decorating it, and now they sure like playing with their new Ribbon Dancer!

And the FUN isn't over yet, because even after the event is through, they get to keep it and take their new Ribbon Dancer home for even more FUN later again and again!

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