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TREVOR "The Games Man" is a trained and certified New Games Leader & Cooperative Play Specialist, Professional Stiltwalker, a Cooperative Games Educator, and multiple award-winning entertainer offering:

1. Different indoor and outdoor shows designed specifically for adults, teens, kids, and mixed-age audiences,
2. Professional Stiltwalking for indoor and outdoor events and parades,
3. Cooperative Play Staff Development Trainings for adults who are looking to improve their recreational repertoire,
4. Unique Team-Building Workshops for co-workers who are interested in a new approach to working together.
5. Residencies for schools, summer camps, etc.
6. And a variety of Other Services including stiltwalking deliveries,
hospital and sick bed visits, event MC-ing, Cooperative Games and Stiltwalking consulting, and various classes.

As of 5/22/24 TREVOR has:
* done 7,689 professional appearances
* in 17 states and provinces as well as online
* entertaining more than 4,081,251 people of all ages (yes, I keep track!)

Currently, TREVOR's official cumulative Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Rate is over 99.9% at exactly 99.96749%!

Awards include:

1. Best Crowd Pleaser
stiltwalking in the Newport RI St. Patrick's Day Parade
awarded by:
Newport Irish Awards Committee
March 11, 2017
2. The Austin Miller Co-op Hero Award
for my extensive Cooperative Games work in the community
awarded by:
River Valley Co-op
Northampton MA
June 2016
3. Entertainer of the Month
awarded by:
County Fairgrounds, USA
June 2009
4. Best Children's Entertainer
annual "Best of the Valley" readers' poll
awarded by:
Readers of the Valley Advocate
arts and news weekly0
April 1991


























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