TREVOR "The Games Man"


"All the kids love TREVOR.
When he arrives, they all come running with their eyes all lit up!"

Nisa Zalta, director, Stepping Out Multi-Cultural Day Camp, Northampton MA


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TREVOR delights young and old from the moment he arrives, stiltwalking in at over 9' tall! We begin with some really High-Fives... it get's 'em jumping right from the start! Then gather around, everyone, it's time for The Aerial Delights Show, an up-in-the-air extravaganza of tricks and skills featuring wind whistlers, ribbon dancers, the color-changing Chameleon Stick, and lots of other FUN stuff.
It's a 100% participatory show --- the kids are doing something from beginning to end: volunteers are called up from the audience, we count down to blast off, they call out items in various categories for him to do, and although he tells them not to laugh, they laugh all the way through!
When he takes off the stilts at the end of the first half, the audience is always interested in the educational part of the program: seeing how the stilts are constructed and answering their questions.

The second part is always the games! Either Parachute Play or Running Games.
When everyone grabs ahold of the Rainbow Parachute, it's the thrill and excitement of over, under, around, and through! You've seen it before, you know it's a blast! Everyone loves Parachute Play!
We'll play games on top of the parachute. We'll play games under the parachute. We'll do both at the same time! We'll play some of everybody's favorites including selections from the following: Mountain Climbing, The Big Balloon, Blue Eyes Under, Alligator, Jumping Beans, Cat & Mouse, Bake the Cake, Funny Faces, Washing Machine, Fruit Roll-Up, Duck Duck Duck, and, as seen in this video, the kids' all-time favorite: Popcorn!

Kids just absolutely love Parachute Play! And you know what else? Adults love them, too! And, believe it or not, so do teenagers!

Or else we'll just run 'em ragged with a whole flurry of highly active games that everybody wins and anyone can have FUN no matter what their ability level... even adults!
With this option, we usually start with that current playground favorite Fishy Fishy, where the whole group slowly shifts from one team to the other until they're all on the same team!
Next comes an acting/guessing game called Lemonade. When we need a breather, we'll all sit down and activate our brains instead with a few thinking games like Buzz Fizz and 1-Word Stories, or else some low-activity games like Who's the Leader? and May I Borrow Your Cat? Next, with older groups we may play a great variation on Capture the Flag called Smaug's Jewels. With a younger crowd it might be Squirrel in a Tree or Knees Up Mother Brown. There will be Tag games, strategy games, running games (lots of running games!) and plenty of others that keep everyone up on their feet, actively just having a blast together!
Together, it's a full hour of sheer FUN and delight!

And if you want a third half hour, it's:


All of the above with a festie add-on craft project called: Project Ribbon Dancer. It's a combination craft project,
party favor, and really cool toy all mixed up into one!
Ribbon dancers are that classic loooong ribbon-on-a-stick toy. The children are fascinated when TREVOR opens up his big, red suitcase and sets up the Ribbon Dancer Factory. Oohs and ahhs go through the crowd as they catch sight of all the different types and colors of ribbons to choose from. Each child picks their favorite, it's attached to a bamboo handle, and then comes the artistic part: they all get to decorate and customize their handle with a wide variety of colored tapes. And since there's no limits on tape usage, the results are always fantastic!
And finally, they get to play with their new creation, keep it, and take it home to have FUN with later on again and again! Everyone loves this project. And when you see them being so artistic with the tapes and then all joyously waving their ribbon dancers together, you'll experience the joy yourself!

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