TREVOR "The Games Man"

Weddings & Anniversaries

    TREVOR has entertained adults, teens, and children at quite a few weddings, anniversaries, and related events such as bridal showers, Jack & Jill's, wedding rehearsal dinners, and baby showers.

    For adults and wedding reception with mixed ages, The Party Game Show is always a big hit.

    For teens and active older children, The On-the-Go High-Octane Special keeps them both busy and happy having FUN.

    For children, Giants & Giraffes * Dragons & Detectives is a thrilling indoor stage show. Or try The Outdoor Special for an outdoor event.

    For an extended period of entertainment for teens and children, A Ton of FUN! is sure to please with a wide variety of activities including a show, a craft project, getting to try out TREVOR's equipment, etc. 

   Each of the pages above has a link at the bottom to a list of where I've done that show as well as a link to quote from delighted clients. 

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