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Flowers At Home
That Make Me Happy!


You might say I'm a plant guy. I love beneficial plants of all sorts. I love to take care of them, and I especially love having them around our home, indoors and out.

With much thanks to my lovely wife and her decades of adding perennial flowers to our borders, and to my equally long era of adding flowering shrubs and trees and, more recently, planting flowers in my vegetable gardens, we are blessed with a very wide variety of outdoor blooms that begin in early Spring and don't end until late Fall, as well as many indoor houseplants that blossom.

In the flower beds that surround our home, we have or have had several varieties of daffodils, bleeding hearts, coreopsis, evening primrose, sundrops, tiger lilies, Asiatic lilies, white lilies, Solomon's seal, turtlehead, red and yellow bishop's hat, carpet bugle, bugbane, stonecrop, several shades of purple iris, dwarf purple iris, cosmos, white iris, lily of the valley, pink lily of the valley, purple and white violets, false indigo, grape hyacinth, black-eyed susans, asters, saxifrage, morning glories, peonies, several varieties of pink roses, yellow roses, 4 colors of ground phlox, and more that I can't think of right now.

Every year I grow at least 3 rows each of snapdragon as well a few more rows of an ever-changing variety of other annual flowers in my raised garden beds. Plus I plant tall sunflowers in several bare spots in the borders around our house. And the herb bed contains chives, dill, lavender, thyme, oregano, mint, sage, and catnip that bloom every year.

As for bushes, there's forsythia, 4 different colors of lilacs, pink and red azalea, rhododendron, wisteria, hydrangea, honeysuckle, forsythia, several different kinds and colors of roses, plus some less conspicuously flowering evergreen bushes including arborvitae, boxwood, holly, and yew.

Then there's the 2 large red maple trees in our front yard, the 2 magnificent tall tulip trees along our side yard, and the mega-hedge of arborvitae trees along the back. Not to mention all the white clover in our lawn and the pink clover here and there around the perimeter.

Indoor blooming plants include: night blooming epiphyllum, spathiphyllum, african violets, asparagus fern, orange clivia, jade (which I didn't even knew blossomed until one day, decades after getting it, one of mine suddenly did!), and others, some of which bloom as often in the winter as they do in the summer.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here's a large sampling dating back to 2001 of our Flowers At Home That Make Me Happy!


June 27, 2024

 Carpet Sedum



June 18, 2024


 the new Hydrangea in our front border


 Creeping Jenny



Mitzi bouquet #2
(with a bit of #3 at upper left)



Threadleaf Coreopsis



White Clover in our front lawn


June 11, 2024


Pink Rose






June 6, 2024


 Whitney Bouquet #1
Red Speckled White Lily close-up


May 28, 2024

 Pink Foxglove


 White Foxglove


 Double Impatiens


 May 10, 2024


 Double Dwarf Tulip




 pots of Pansies on the porch


red Azalea starting to open



volunteer Strawberry among the foxgloves




 Wisteria with bumble bee


April 4, 2024

 Daffodils in the snow


October 10, 2023

Pink Hydrangea


Mouse Earred Coreopsis


Red Zinnia


the last Snapdragon of the season


Sungold Tomatoes




 Pink Zinnia


 Orange-ish Zinnia




Little Purple Asters



May 1, 2023



Dwarf Purple Iris 


September 27, 2022

Large Purple Asters


Pincushion Flower


September 18, 2022


 Bachelor Button


 Black-eyed Susans






Lemon Leopold Sunflowers




July 7, 2022








Queen Anne's Lace


June 26, 2022





 Bok Choi


 Tall Snapdragon


June 21, 2022


Yellow Columbine






Pink Clover



 Red-Twigged Dogwood



 Threadleaf Coreopsis



June 12, 2022

Mountain Laurel






 Purple Verbena






Red Petunias and Yellow Mini Petunia-looking Flowers



June 4, 2022

Burnet Saxiphrage



 Pink and White Striped Petunias




Mouse Earred Coreopsis



 Pink Petunia and Purple Don't Knows



 White Clover



May 30, 2022



May 21, 2022


Lily of the Valley


 Pink Lily of the Valley





 Red Azalea


Bush Rose


 Purple Iris


May 16, 2022

red Bishop's Hat


 Wild Strawberry

(Only the the flower makes me happy ---
I've been pulling this weed out of my lawn for decades.)






 pale lavender Phlox


purple and pink Plox


April 25, 2022 

Pink Azalea


 Grape Hyacinth


April 15, 2022




Red Maple


old Hyacinth



April 14, 2022

 Large Cup Daffodils


Common Boxwood



February 7, 2022

Orange Clivia





September 7, 2021



 Giant "Evening Colors" Sunflower

It is an honor that this photo was selected to be part of the UMass-Amherst's Mass Aggie Seed Library 2024 Nature Photo Exhibit!


August 27, 2021


"Evening Colors" Sunflowers




Pink Turtlehead
June 10, 2017
Tulip Tree
May 2015

 Solomon's Seal
April 2014
 Potted Sunflowers
August 2014

 Summer Squash
Summer 2013

 Orange Day Lilies


Pink Climbing Roses

light lavender Lilac

 Multi-Colored Rose

 Red and Yellow Lilies

 Hydrangeas in Full Bloom
November 2013

 Thanksgiving Cactus
I had been jokingly calling this what-I-thought-was a Christmas Cactus a "Thanksgiving" Cactus because it always bloomed in mid November. Then I learned that there actually is such a thing as a Thanksgiving Cactus and that this is one of them.
December 2013

 Christmas Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus, African Violet
April 21, 2012
 Yellow Lilies
February 19, 2012

 African Violets
May 6, 2011

pink Ground Phlox
July 18, 2010
Sunflowers behind my retaining wall
June 14, 2010

June 12, 2010

 Red Asiatic Lilies
May 3, 2010

 Bleeding Hearts and Daffodils
April 3, 2010

May 31, 2009
 White Violets

 False Indigo

 Morning Glories
May 1, 2001

Night Blooming Epiphyllum

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