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Although I'm probably most famous for my stiltwalking and parachute games at various outdoor events (parades, fairs, festivals, etc.), my biggest passion is Everybody-Wins Games. And furthermore, although most of my game work is part of a show, there's been plenty of times when it's just the games. Here's photos of some of those times.

Sparks Games
 Fryeburg New Church Assembly family camp
Fryeburg ME
August 2023
The kids at the FNCA are called Sparks, and as the Camp Activities Director there for 5 decades, I've led an hour of Sparks Games every evening between supper and the kids' bedtime since 1978. Here, we're playing Samurai Warrior. When the samurai swings low, JUMP! When the samurai swings high, DUCK!

 Cub Scouts Pack 511 Blue & Gold Banquet
Mountain House CA
February 27, 2021
This was not my first time playing with a group in California. It was also not my first Cub Scouts Blue & Gold Banquet. But it was my first California Blue & Gold Banquet online! And this Cub Scouts sure had a blast with my Friendly Games Fest Online during lockdown.
 Lakeville Public Library
Lakeville MA
February 16, 2021
Friendly Games Fest Online was a big hit with the kids at the Lakeville Library!

Wellesley Free Library
Wellesley MA
November 11, 2020
The kids at the Wellesley Library sure had a lot of FUN during my Friendly Games Fest Online!

 Westwood Public Library
Westwood MA
February 18, 2020

SCYL Teen Retreat
Cedar Hill Retreat Center
South Duxbury MA
October 10, 2018
@Luna Greenwood 2018

Goodwin Memorial Library
Hadley MA
June 24, 2018

This was opening day of my 1st Weekly Games Class residency at the Goodwin Memorial Library. We're playing Fox & Geese. The Fox in the plaid shirt, is trying to catch the Geese inside the circle. Both can go inside and outside the circle, which is helping the Geese.



Whole Life Learners Homeschoolers Consortium gym class
Mill 180 Park
Easthampton MA
March 15, 2016

This is the same group I've been leading a weekly drop-in "gym class" for since 2011. Each Fall, we look for a low/no cost indoor location for the Winter, and this pretty cool, new, indoor urban park offered us a roof over our heads. We took up residency in this little corner of their place and it worked out very nicely. It was a fairly small group that winter - 5-10 kids each week - so the space was ideal. 



 Fryeburg New Church Assembly family camp
Fryeburg ME
August 2009

The teens at the FNCA are called The Flames, and three evenings a week, I lead "Flames Games" with the Flames. This is Rock/Paper/Scissors Tag. Each team secretly picks a symbol, face each other in two long lines, and then "Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!" and each team throws their symbol. The winner chases the other team back to their back line. Tagged players join the other team. In the photo above, the other team obviously did Paper!



 Leeds Elementary School
Northampton MA
June 15, 1993

This game is called Toe Fencing. Each player is trying to tag the other's toes without getting their own toes tagged!



Fryeburg New Church Assembly family camp
Fryeburg ME
August 1973


This is the Lap Game.  Standing in a very tight circle, all together, everyone sits down on the lap of the person behind them at the same time! If everyone keeps their feet still and steers the person it front of them, it works every time.




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