TREVOR "The Games Man"

"TREVOR was amazing as a virtual game host. He was energetic, acknowledged everyone, and gently encouraged participation. I would definitely engage him in a future event."
       ~Donna Kidwell, Glastonbury CT


Comments on
TREVOR's Online Work





"Enjoyed your Zoom Party Games class. Love how you adapted games to Zoom. Well done."
     ~Lisa Gering, Eastern Cooperative Recreation School

"Hey, you did GREAT the other night!"
Jack Marquess, Programming Committee, Eastern Cooperative Recreation School    

"Thank you so much for the special Game Night to celebrate Beki's 40th birthday."
     ~Merrilee Phinney, birthday girl's mom, Carver MA

"An enjoyable evening! [I really liked] TREVOR's friendly attitude and the pace of the evening."
     ~anonymous participant

"Very nice job. You made the evening FUN and very pleasant."
     ~Marcia Daniels, Board of Directors, Desert Chapter of the Brandeis University Alumni
              Association, Palm Desert CA

"Great work. Thank you."
"TREVOR truly is a games man. We all had a great time."
"Thank you for the FUN evening. Made  a happy evening."
"This was a great way to spend a covid Saturday!"
"Thanks, TREVOR. You did a great job."
     ~members of the Desert Chapter of the Brandeis University Alumni Association, Palm
                 Desert CA

"It was a great way to relax, laugh, and think after a day of solving some challenging issues. Even better then a glass of wine!"
     ~Donna Kidwell, Glastonbury CT




"I had a blast!"
     ~Jennie, teenager

"Truly awesome job! Great enthusiasm and spirit you brought out from us."
     ~Robert Ferrante, teen sponsor, First Church of Christ UCC, Glastonbury CT


"[I was] looking for an online participation program. TREVOR "The Games Man" led a group of giggling kids and smiling parents in creative, low-pressure, high-FUN games that had everyone engaging with fellow participants. [TREVOR, you] really engaged the kids, called them by name - thank you for bringing the FUN! Kids said they had a great time! And also, thank you again for your understanding and flexibility. I will keep mentioning your name at library programming meetings!"
     ~Quincy Knapp, Children's Librarian, Wellesley Free Library, Wellesley MA


"Thank you so much! That was really FUN!"

     ~Hazel's mom, Wellesley MA


"It's SO FUN! Please come. It's too much FUN to miss. Come, please."
     ~Serena (age 9), Sparks Games Online


     ~Maggie (age 7) (at the top of her voice), Sparks Games Online

"Thank you for all the joy you brought to the kids this summer in their special Games Night with you. The gift you share is deeply appreciated!"
     ~Merrilee Phinney, grandmother, Sparks Games Online

"The Games Night [Online] was a huge success! My kids loved it, I had FUN, and I spoke to several families who were there and they also had a blast! Thought TREVOR was perfect, his energy and FUN personality were a great match for the kids. He was silly and FUN and did a great job of keeping things moving. Hooray!"
     ~Lauren M. Guiditta, Director of Children's Ministries, First Church of Christ UCC,
               Glastonbury CT

"That was a lot of FUN! Got great feedback already! They all loved it, and kids and parents had FUN. I loved your positive energy, ability to keep the kids focused and engaged, and just overall likeability. TREVOR is a games genius! He's great with kids and parents, keeping everyone engaged and having FUN. It was great family FUN! "
     ~Chelsey, Gellett, Lay Life Ministries Committee, First Church of Christ UCC,
               Glastonbury CT

"It was great because I loved the games he did... my favorite game was Freeze Tag!"
     ~ 7-year-old boy, Lakeville Public Library show, Lakeville MA


Q: "Was it a good [online] party?"
A: "Rave reviews on TREVOR!!"
     ~Beki Greenwood, birthday mom, Carver MA     

"That game night through the library just made my kid a new boy. Thank you. So wonderful. You are a True gift." 
     ~Beki Greenwood, Carver MA


"Thanks for all the laughs last night. One happy kid at our house last night."
     ~Alia Woofenden, Worthington MA





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