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Parachute Pictures

 Deb Schwartz photo
This is my all-time favorite parachute picture!! It was taken February 1989 by my housemate who got me the gig at Holyoke Day Nursery in Holyoke MA. They've booked me seven more times since then. Thanks Deb! I have a 9½ X 14 of this framed in my room. Written on the back of this are the names of the four girls left to right: Keila Martinez, Lila Kennedy, Stacy Gaurdrait, and Jennifer Chaput. As I write this in 2016, they all are in their thirties. If you are one of them, please contact me. I'd love to get in touch with you!


Newport Irish St. Patrick's Day Celebration
Newport RI
March 12, 2017

Above and below, Jeffrey & Brianna Lertora's birthday party 5/25/98 in Agawam MA. This was one of the funnest birthday parties I ever did. Not just the kids, but all the adults played all the parachute games all the way through. And the adults weren't just being chute-holders either... they were actually participating in all the games! Everyone had a blast! 
You can't see the parachute in this photo, but it's there! It's in my right hand all twirled up into a single strand that I'm swinging in a circle above everyone's head. This game is called Duck, Duck, Duck! You duck each time it goes over you're head. Then you're supposed to stand up again each time you duck, but some people on the far side of the circle obviously aren't getting up again!
 Teens LOVE parachute games!
This was at a reunion 7/17/4 of people I went to junior high school with 30+ years earlier in Webster Groves MO.  It was really great to see my old buddies. It was just one year that we hung out together before my family moved to Massachusetts, but I think of it as the best year of my life up until then.
 Fryeburg New Church Assembly family camp, Fryeburg ME August 1991.
Same roll of film as the picture above this, but I have absolutely no idea what the event is. 
Green River Festival, Greenfield MA 7/17/99. 
 These two are both also at the Green River Festival 7/17/99. We're playing a game called Duck, Duck, Duck. Check out the guy on the left above in the red shirt! He's doing the Limbo!
 May Pole, Hardwick MA
 May Pole, Hardwick MA
 Cat & Mouse at May Pole!
 Jeffrey & Brianna Lertora's birthday party, 5/25/98, Agawam MA (again!)
"No laughing in the middle!"
Katywil Farm Community Co-Housing
Colrain MA
May 26, 2012
The next four are all from the Green River Festival in Greenfield MA 7/17/99. 
And the next bunch are all from May Pole, Hardwick MA. 

Nancy Little photo 
The mushroom. The space ship. The pagoda. The oven (it can get HOT in there!). The circus tent. The exercise machine. This has many, many names... but no matter what you call it, it sure is a lot of FUN! This picture was also taken at May Pole in Hardwick MA, an event I've been at yearly since at least 1992.


May 22, 1986
Red Hill Park, Red Hill PA
Way back in 1986, my brother-in-law the chiropractor booked me to entertain his clients at the Advanced Chiropractic picnic. I basically played games with whoever wanted to do whatever it was that I was doing for pretty much all day! Of course, I had the biggest crowd when I had the parachute out. And somebody clicked this photo of inter-generational FUN!

Picking volunteers for Cat & Mouse.

"Sparks Games" at the Fryburg New Church Assembly family camp. The kids 12 and under at the FNCA are called "Sparks", the teens are "Flames", the adults are "Bonfires", and the old folks are "Embers" (the hottest part of the fire!) I've been in charge of activities here since the 70's. Every night after supper, I play an hour of "Sparks Games" with the Sparks before bedtime. Every Sunday, we play parachute games. And everyone loves to play Cat & Mouse (even the Flames! (see the third photo from the top) The cats on top try to catch the mice underneath!
                                                 Deb Schwartz photo 
Another of my faves. Taken at Holyoke Day Nursery the same day as the very top photo of this page. 

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