TREVOR "The Games Man"

"What can I say? You made our fundraiser run better, so much better! I don't think I could put a monetary value on it, but it was sure worth your fee."
  Libby Amo, parent, Apple Tree Cooperative Nursery School, Williamsburg MA

Comments on TREVOR's Consulting Services

"This is great! This is so much good material that you've given me. Thanks for zooming in and sharing so many different games to use with the kids at our camp next week! They're going to LOVE this!"
     Greg Huang-Dale, co-director, FNC Arts & Music Camp, Fryeburg ME
[and afterwards:]
"Thank you for helping with camp. The games were great! Heads & Tails Tag, Elbow Tag, Grumpy's Island... they played and played!"
     Ellen Schwint, co-director, FNC Arts & Music Camp, Fryeburg ME
"We really appreciate your advice on how to make our company picnic work better. We were just winging it. Your excellent suggestions not only made things run smoother throughout the day, they also put the event staff at ease because the order of activities made sense, each one flowing smoothly into the next, and they learned how to handle the crowd. A huge thank you!"
     Dennis Laflamme, Human Resources Dept., Fairview Machine Co., Chicopee MA

"The 4-Square rules you suggested were terrific! Both the kids and the staff love them! We were having some problems with older kids systematically overpowering the youngest students and getting them out as soon they got onto the court. This made our young charges very reluctant to participate. The 'Professional Rules' you put forward have been adopted by the entire student body and posted on a sign by the school's 4-Square court. I'm pleased to report that everyone is enjoying the game now because of your sage advice."
     parent playground volunteer, Hartsbrook Waldorf School, Hadley MA
"Thanks so much for training our young actress to walk on stilts for our school production of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Your easy yet professional manner really took the pressure off what could have been a very scary experience. She spoke highly of you and, in fact, the entire cast enjoyed your visit."
     David Nields, director, Williston-Northampton School Drama Dept. Easthampton MA
"Thank you for taking the time to teach me to walk on stilts! It was so much FUN! The way you worked with me so patiently made it really work. I've been wanting to learn this for so long!"
     Shawn Corbit, Holyoke MA


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