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Stilt-Related Imagery

 Calvin rocks!
I really love this image of African stiltwalker dolls... at least, I think they're dolls. I clipped it out of a magazine decades ago — way before I became a professional stiltwalker — and saved it all these years. 
My darling daughter drew this picture of me in 1990. It's still one of my faves.

Edward Lear drew this.

 HUGE stiltwalker in Ghana
Los Zancos (The Stilts) by Goya

 Woman on stilts from 1024 manuscript

 Cabin on tree stilts

Not that kind of stilt!
 Olivia rocks, too!
Sylvain Dornon, from Landes, France, stiltwalked from Paris to Moscow in 58 days in 1891.


 The photo above and below are the same guy. You can tell by the shoes. 

Little Nemo rocks, too!

Little Lulu rocks, too! 

 Mocko Jumbie, St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
That's me up in the middle. This photo was both on the cover and inside Cooperative Grocer magazine issue #131 July-August 2007. River Valley Market (now River Valley Co-op) is a member-owner food cooperative that opened in Northampton MA in April 2008. I'm on the RVM Outreach Committee. I was actually taking a break, sitting on the bucket of the backhoe when everyone on the Board suddenly gathered around in front of me for this photo-op. They made me stand up for the photo. I really like it that you can see both of my stilt shoes down on the ground along with everyone else's. 

I love comics! But I don't remember where this is from. Lash-on stilts and a steadying pole so you can stand still: What a great idea! "He's human! Of course he's dangerous!"



 French postman, earl 20th century

Here I am up in the middle again. This was at the Williamsburg-Haydenville Business Association BBQ to benefit the Goshen Ambulance Fund in July 1991.


Another one I clipped out of a magazine years and years ago. Mardi Gras in the Caribbean!
This is self-explanatory.

Krazy Kat totally rocks! 

 Krazy Kop rocks, too!

Bread & Puppet, Glover VT 

Another magazine clipping I just love! This guy is having so much fun! And so are his buddies in the background.

Dr. Seuss definitely rocks, too! This was one of my most favorite books as a kid. Who would've known?!
Rudi Wyrsch stiltskiing (!) at Mount Snow in the early 1970's. The photo is from a book I have titled: The BigTall Man on Skis, by Rosaly Swann Bass & Sarah Wainwright.


That's me up on the right leading the 1st Young Child Parade & Festival Parade in April 1991 in Northampton MA. Three incredible creative and resourceful women (one of whom is next to me holding the banner) and I put together this incredible successful community event in about three weeks! 



In May 2010, the Fryeburg New Church in Fryeburg ME held it's annual church picnic a mile down the road at the Fryeburg New Church Assembly. The church's choir leader, Greg Huang-Dale, did some stiltwalking for the group and then invited the parishioners to try them on. Here's Cindy Priestly getting up in the world.



Daffy rocks, too!



For those of you who don't have any idea what this is about (nearly all of you, I imagine), the Riemann-Stieltjes integral is a mathematical function in calculus. Read all about it here... and then, if you're anything like me, you still probably won't have any idea what it's about. But it's FUN word play on very similar sounding words... something I very much enjoy. 





I love this man's work. This book collects three of his previous stories in one volume. Check it out on Goodreads here.



 Little Dot rocks, too!



 This is just plain really FUN!


Nancy & Sluggo rock, too!



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