TREVOR "The Games Man"

"Thank you for adding life and spirit to the
"Boo at the Zoo" this year. From the roar of the kids and the look of amazement in their eyes, I can tell they loved you! I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we enjoyed having you. I hope you continue to amaze children and bring wonder into the lives
 of everyone you meet."
--- Barbara L. Condor, Director of Education, the Zoo in Forest Park, Springfield MA 

The Aerial Delights Show

a unique extravaganza of up-in-the-air amusements

Standing out in the crowd at over 9' tall in his bright red and yellow Cat in the Hat hat and extra, extra, extra long similarly colored striped pants, TREVOR's colorful and festive appearance --- not to mention the sheer size of the guy! --- quickly draws the attention of young and old. Crowds both near and far thrill at just the sight of him.

In this exciting, creative, stimulating, and imaginative show, TREVOR pulls a wide variety of equipment (from silly to serious) out of his Utility Belt and entertains kids of all ages. The show is 100% participatory --- the audience is doing something all the way through: there's volunteers called up from the audience, we count down to blast off, the group gets to come up with various things for TREVOR to do, there is a constant interaction between the audience and the performer.

By the way, although this show really is for kids, folks, teens and adults in the group sure laugh a mighty lot! Full audience participation from beginning to end ensures the enjoyment of this unique revue of tricks and skills featuring a selection of the following:

Wind Whistlers - Swing 'em to make different notes. Sports and animal impressions, too!
Ribbon Dancers - Long ribbons on wands make patterns, words, and pictures in the air!
Big Yellow - 10+ yards of big, bold, bright yellow ribbon visible from 1/2 mile away!
Chameleon Stick - Changes colors in the air! Plus tricks of skill to amaze the crowd!
Sparkly Boxes - Several shiny cigar boxes stay up in the air, but only two ever get touched!
Rotating Racquet - The audience always gets a big hoot out of this unusual novelty!
Wind Tubes - 10' long, swirling, colorful playthings! Run with 'em and they fill with air!
BUBBLE BREAK! - It could happen at almost any time: out come the bubbles for a few minutes of bursting brouhaha!
Hula Hoop Basketball - Everyone cheers when the beachball goes through the hoop!
Pushpin Soccer - Several minutes of craziness with two teams, balloons, and a pair of giant pushpins!
Hidden Secrets - A chance to actually learn how the stilts are constructed and worn!
And More - Who knows what sort of unique up-in-the-air amusements TREVOR will think UP next!

Past clients' response to this show has been 100% positive.
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