TREVOR "The Games Man"

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"The teens told me
you were AWESOME!
So thank you."

~~~Rev. Sarah Buteux, 1st Congregational Church, Hadley MA

from teens and their staff on
On-the-Go Hi-Octane Special!

"This one client, she's been so negative and against everything, but your visit was unbelievable! She was cheerful and out-going with a complete shift in attitude we've never seen before. She LOVED playing hoops with you! It was transformational!"
~~~staff member, Motivating Youth Recovery resident teen detox program, Worcester MA

"TREVOR 'The Games Man' had our youth group going the whole time he was with us. The [teens] had a blast and were highly engaged in his games — no mean feat in the middle of an all-night lock-in! TREVOR maintained control of the group while keeping things really FUN. He also changed up the games to keep interest levels high. His presence grabbed the kids attention and they liked his playful manner. They had a great time. Most of the kids were involved most of the time, and I always felt comfortable with the way he interacted with the kids. Bottom line: They loved having TREVOR there! Can't wait to have him back."
~~~Joel Avery, youth group director, First Congregational Church, Hadley MA

"The main event was probably TREVOR "The Games Man". He travels through the states literally playing games. He had creative and unique games to keep all the people having FUN."
~~~Bekka Lange, president, national Swedenborgian Church Youth League

"I really enjoyed having you at my Bar Mitzvah and you were definitely a highlight of the party! Yes! Totally! It was fantastic!"
~~~Nick Gold, teenager, Pelham MA

"I thought you clearly articulated ways to make everyone included. It was great. Thank you!"
~~~Anna May Tilley, teenager, camp counselor, YMCA Camp Apex, Shelburne MA

"I liked the group-building games where you had to work together. This really gets everyone to know each other better. It was great FUN!"
~~~Cailee Hawkins, teenager, camp counselor, YMCA Camp Apex, Shelburne MA 

~~~Jeff Falk, teenager, camp counselor, YMCA Camp Apex, Shelburne MA

"Great Fun!! Thank you, you're Awesome!"
~~~teenager, camp counselor, Springfield YMCA's Camp Webber, West Springfield MA

"It was very fun. I really like the non-competitive stuff."
~~~Sarah Chung, teenager, Smith After School Services, Smith College, Northampton MA

"A great time from beginning to end."
~~~Anne Black, teenager, Smith After School Services, Smith College, Northampton MA

"[Our needs were] very well met. Staff were very pleased about the program."
~~~John Lovasco, director, East Boston Camps, Boston MA

"[Objective?]: Get the group to interact together and do some cooperative activities.
[How well were they met?]: Extremely well!  All the teens had a great time!!"
~~~Kim Saraiva, Activity Director, Brockton Boys & Girls Club, Brockton MA

"Talking with you before your show, I thought the teens at our school were going to eat you alive, but you handled a full auditorium of this very difficult age group very well. And much to my surprise, they all had a really good time."
~~~ James Millea, vice principal, Memorial Middle School, Beverly MA
"Phenomenal program!"
~~~Joshua Vogel, teenager, camp counselor, Camp Tahattawan, Littleton MA


What these teenagers and their staff are so excited about!


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