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"Thank you for helping make our annual con- ference a success. Over 300 child care profes- sionals from across New England attended [your trainings] and the response was overwhelmingly positive. You WOWed them again. Thanks!"
~Laura Stinnette & Cindy Palley, Preschool Enrichment Team, Springfield MA

Comments on
Introduction to Cooperative Play:

(and a few on TREVOR's other Cooperative Play Staff Development Trainings, too!)
"Your participation greatly contributed to the success of this special event. I enjoyed working with you. Thank you for providing excellence in training, helping further the professional development of family child care providers. Provider evaluations collected at the conference were very positive."
       ~Nancy Casten, Training Specialist, Yours for Children, Auburn MA

"All our needs were met. I'm very pleased — we had so much FUN! You gave us so many good, simple, creative games to play — good type, too! This was the first workshop that was actually good and held our interest."
~Christina Genco, Hazardville Daycare Center, Enfield CT

"It was great! I loved it. It was very helpful. There were a lot of things I would have never thought of, and now I will use these ideas."
"It's a fantastic time of learning how to have FUN."
"It was lots of FUN! TREVOR is imaginative and engaging, and has a knack for getting everyone involved! It couldn't have been better."
"It taught things that could be for all ages and teach kids to got along. [I was both] learning and having more FUN than you can imagine."
       ~Yours For Children conference attendees, Marlborough MA

"High energy interaction, lots of FUN, broke a sweat, knew everyone's name by the end of the day."
  "Presentation was exciting, not just a boring list of materials. Very engaging. A great session learning how to lead games while being an active participant."
"A great interactive learning tool for anyone dealing with children."
"Surprisingly simple and useful."
"TREVOR gave a fast-paced, informative workshop that would be beneficial for all ages."
"Brings an insight that is unparalleled!"
       ~Simsbury Parks & Rec Dept summer program staff, Simsbury CT

"Unique and outside the box."
       ~Travis Francis, Ashburnham-Westminster Extended Day, Ashburnham MA

"Useful games to help kids learn and keep them occupied and having FUN! Playing the games was very interesting and useful."
       ~Ashley Tabales, Ashburnhan-Westminster Extended Day, Ashburnham MA

"Lots of FUN! TREVOR was very clear. His instructions were complete, but not too lengthy. He awoke our affections and got us going. It was very enjoyable and gave us lots of good ideas. Almost everyone I know would like it and be enriched by it!"
       ~Louise Gardam, teacher, Bryn Athyn Elementary School, Bryn Athyn PA  

"Thank you for the great workshop! I am pleased to share with you that I have seen my staff applying many of the games and ideas that you share!!"
       ~Lisa Catalano, director, Mulberry Childcare & Preschool, Wilbraham MA

"TREVOR is inventive, creative, and FUN."
       ~Angela Duval, Whiting Lane Extended Day Program, W Hartford CT"

[One of the reasons I booked you was because] I've used you before. You're good, and entertaining. I thought it went well. Stimulating, FUN. We liked getting up and moving around; fast paced; not boring. The staff ([day care] directors) liked it. Maybe we can do a training on activities for the classroom. TREVOR understands group dynamics and the value of FUN and play! Use him!"
       ~Mark Leonas, director, Valley Opportunity Council, Holyoke MA

"It was FUN, enjoyable, and I learned some great new games! Games were immediately usable in the programs. Very effective. Strong points: games were taught appropriate to age; change games when necessary. Weak points: none."
       ~Tom Braden, camp director, Comp Glen Brook, Marlborough NH 

"This is the best workshop I've ever been to!"
       ~Kerri Boyle, director, Child Works Child Care Center, Holden MA

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