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Cut Throat

This card game is basically advanced Crazy Eights.
for 2 players

Object: to be the first player to get rid of all your cards.
1. Deal each player seven cards and turn up the next card for the discard pile.
2. Basic play goes like Crazy Eights: you have to discard a card from your hand that matches the top card of the discard pile in either suit or number.
3. Also like in Crazy Eights, 8's are wild and can be played on anything, and you get to call the suit the other player has to play on top of it.
4. If you play a 2 or a face card, you go again... in fact, you have to go again (even if it's your last card!)
5. If you play a 2, the other player immediately draws two cards. This drawing is not a turn.
6. If you play a Queen, the other player immediately draws four cards. This drawing also is not a turn.
7. If you can't or don't want to discard, draw one (and only one) card and that's the end of your turn. Unlike in Crazy Eights, if that drawn card is playable, you don't get to play it.
8. If your turn ends and you have one card left, you have to say, "Last Card". If you don't and your opponent catches you before they draw, you have to immediately draw two cards. This drawing is not a turn either.
9. One small nuance: if you play a "draw card" (2 or Queen) and end your turn having to draw a card yourself because you can't or don't want to go again (Rule #6), the other player draws their cards before you draw yours.
10. Another small nuance: At the beginning of the game at the end of dealing, if the dealer turns up a 2, a face card, or an 8 for the top of the discard pile, it's still the dealer's turn and the dealer has to play on it if it's a 2 or a face card, the other player has to draw if it's a 2 or a Queen, and the dealer has to call the suit if it's an 8.
So, play could conceivably (but not very likely!) go like this:
Let's say you get dealt the King and Queen of spades, the Ace of hearts, the Queen and Jack of clubs, and the 7 and 8 of diamonds (a terrific hand, by the way). 
The dealer turns over the 5 of diamonds for the top of the discard pile.
YOU: play the 7 of diamonds.
DEALER: plays the 7 of spades.
Y: play the King of spades, Queen of spades (Dealer draws four), Queen of clubs (Dealer draws four more), and the Jack of clubs all in a row; you've got no more clubs or Jacks and you don't want to play your 8, so you draw one; it's the 4 of diamonds.
D: plays the Ace of clubs.
Y: play the Ace of hearts.
D: plays the Ace of diamonds.
Y: play the 4 of diamonds and say, "Last Card".
D: plays the 4 of spades.
Y: play your 8 and win!
Congratulations! What a FUN game!
AN INTERESTING NOTE IN CUT THROAT HISTORY: When I was 11 or 12, a neighbor and I played over 1,000 games of Cut Throat in our tree house one summer. We kept track of who won how many games. At the end of the summer, the score was very, very close: 501 to 503 (she won), and I totally remember having a blast playing Cut Throat all summer long!

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