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"You certainly earned
your $ in the day!"
~Cheryl LaLancette, Mason Elementary School PTO, Mason NH



Hourly Rates
for stiltwalking and longer events

(fairs, festivals, block parties, etc.)

Shows, Workshops, Residencies, etc.
(single activity events)

Block Booking Discounts
(for multiple groups all booking shows for the same day)

Private Parties
(adults, teens, and children)

A note about Travel Expenses: Except for private parties, the prices below include free travel expenses up for to 2 hours (4 hours round trip) from my home near Northampton MA. This includes all of CT; all of RI; all of MA except Cape Cod; southern VT as far north as Rutland/Royalton/ Woodsville; southwest NH a little further north than Rte 89; the Albany/Poughkeepsie area of NY as well as the north end of the Taconic Parkway and Rte 87.

Travel expenses
for locations beyond 2 hours (4 hours round-trip) are $75/hr for any driving time over 4 hours round-trip. However, if you book $650 or more for the same day, travel expenses are waived for all but the furthest away day trips.


Hourly Rates

Basically, when you want to mix & match multiple selections from my repertoire, it's $400 for the first hour and $100 an hour after that. Discounts begin at 4 hours and get deeper the more time you book.

 hours/days                                  $                 $/hr           $/day

  1 hour                                       400                400

  2 hours                                      500                250

  3 hours                                      600                200

  4 hours (½-day discount)             650               163    

  5 hours                                       750               150

  6 hours                                       850               142   

  7 hours (all-day discount)              900               129            900

  2 days                                        1500              107            750

  3 days                                        2100              100            700

  4 days                                        2600                93            650

  5 days                                        3000                86            600

  6 days                                        3300                79            550

  7 days                                        3500                71            500




 Shows, Workshops, Residencies, etc.
(NOTE: For multiple items from my repertoire at the same event,
please refer to the Hourly Rates schedule below)

Shows (1-hour)                                         $400
2 Shows (same day)                                    600
3 Shows (some day)                                    750

½-day  Residency (4 hrs)                             650
full day Residency (7 hrs)                             900

Workshops (2-hours)                                   400

Project Ribbon Dancer after a show                50 per ½ hour

Weekly Games Clinic                                    100 per hour
   (Pioneer Valley only)                            (minimum: 6 visits)

M.C., Sick Visits, Consulting                          100 per hour 
                                           +travel beyond the Pioneer Valley

Stiltwalking Deliveries                                   100
   (Pioneer Valley only)                  +cost of delivery item



Block Booking Discounts

Block Booking is a cooperative group discount. If you can work together with other nearby groups to all schedule shows/workshops/etc. for the same day (co-operate), you can earn a good discount for everyone involved. The more groups that participate, the bigger the discount. See Block Booking Made Easy for more details.

# of shows            $ per show
1                           $400
2                             350
3                             300
4                             250
5                             200

Private Parties

These rates are for a 1-hour show. Extra time is available at $50 per half hour for all ages.

Kids parties              $150
(plus travel beyond 1-½ hours away)

Teen parties             $150
(plus travel beyond 1-½ hours away)

Adult parties             $200
(plus travel beyond 1-½ hours away





[Fairs & Festivals]

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