TREVOR "The Games Man"

"Your games made everybody relax together and feel comfortable with each other. It was great! The party would not have been nearly as memorable without you.
My parents loved it!"
~Jai Fuller, her parents' 25th wedding anniversary, Leverett MA


for the thinking audience

available in person or online


Put on your thinking caps for this one, folks! You'll need them! This is for people who enjoy figuring out a good puzzler, solving clever whodunits, and/or pulling the wool over someone's eyes!

Below is a sample live show. The online version has some of the same games and, of course, is also thoroughly adapted to the digital medium.

We'll start out the first set with two classics that pit a lone brain against the collective mind power of the entire audience: in the first, the group is contrary-wise; and in the second, they switch to being helpful. Then we'll discover what kind of different assumptions people make when they hear the same information in the carefully constructed clues of several 3-Minute Mysteries. Next, in small groups, we'll play a few rounds of Famous Characters in which your cohorts in crime try to figure out a famous person of your choice 20 Questions-style.

The second set tests your powers of association and pattern finding. Can you discover the pattern to A Big Circus, Going on a Safari, and Captain Fortune? Can you solve the ancient initiation riddle of 6+4=4? And is the higher math of 1 Up 1 Down too much for you?

Okay, time to get the old grey matter cranked up a little faster, because the third set is Word Play. In the game of Geography, you'll suddenly get good at thinking up places that start with the letter A. In the second game, it's a twist on your math skills that get tested in Buzz Fizz. Next, you'll delight at the sheer silliness of No, No, No, You Mean Goggles! And what one word in the English language changes both pronunciation and meaning when capitalized? 

The fourth set is brief mixers and also the 7th inning stretch. You'll be standing 1-on-1 with five different people in the space of five minutes in a series of quick partner games, including at least some of the following: Quick Draw, Switcheroo, People to People, Back to Back Dancing, and Digits. With small groups we may even play an intimate little mess called Knots!

For the fifth set, it's back to working together as a group. First, a bit of art appreciation and detection with Picture Charades. Then we'll be treading on the cutting edge of psychology with The B.F. Skinner Behavior Modification Game.

After that, it's time for the final game. The closer is an inimitable large group bit of facial distortion that stops the entire audience in its tracks!

If that's not enough for you, there's more mysteries, riddles, lateral thinking puzzles, and short posers peppered throughout. And if you're not all thunk out by the end of this novel show, you may want to pursue a career as a private detective!

Comments on this show from past participants.

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