TREVOR "The Games Man"

[Parade Stiltwalking]

in the 2017 Newport RI
St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Comments on TREVOR's
Parade Stiltwalking

KC: "Trevor impresses me!"
JC: "Remember we saw him in the Flag Day Parade?"
KC: "We did, we did! He's very impressive."
  ~Krystyne Cheever and Joe Catalano, Quincy Action Television, Quincy Christmas Parade, Quincy MA

"TREVOR "The Games Man" is a high point of the parade."
  ~Westfield News, Westfield 350th First Night Parade, Westfield MA

"We had such wonderful feedback from parade goers on how much they enjoyed your performance at our 4th of July Parade. We would like to book you for next year. Looking forward to seeing you again."
    ~Leslie Kellogg,
  4th of
July Celebration
  Chesterfield MA

 "Great! ---
  passers-by. Good  
  interaction with the crowd."
    ~Maria DeLuca,
  Brattleboro VT

  "We thought you
  were the best
  part of the
  entire parade
! Did
  you notice that me and my
  men were following and
  watching you the whole
  way? You were
    ~ orange-vested street
  crew chief,
  Park Road Parade,
  West Hartford CT

"We love having you in
our parade year after year!
Thank you for being wonderful. You are
so colorful, and that
long ribbon you wave
while you walk the parade
route is amazing!
You can see it from at
least 1/2 mile away.
You're so easy to work
with (professional)
and the crowds
LOVE you!!"
  ~Brita Tate,
Parade Director,
Park Rd. Parade,
West Hartford CT
"Thanks for coming and participating in the parade yesterday. I enjoyed your character and I hope you enjoyed the parade as well. Hopefully we'll see you again next year!"
  ~Alexandra Cox, Division III Chief, South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade, Boston MA

[Parade Stiltwalking]
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