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Crowd Shots



 Wellesley Free Library
Wellesley MA
April 22, 2022


Westfield Pumpkinfest
Westfield MA
October, 16, 2021 



stART on the Street
Worcester MA
September 26, 2018
This HUGE outdoor arts & music festival has booked me to do "walk-around" all day for 3 years in a row so far. They close down 1/2 mile of Park Avenue and line it with more than 300 craft booths, dozens of food vendors, 4 performance areas, and the crowds just surge in with around 50,000 people attending! 



 Chicopee Downtown Get Down
Chicopee MA
August 25, 2017

Formerly called the Chicopee Downtown Block Party, this newly-named event got lots of press because of it. (Good move, Chicopee!) I did 4 hours of "walk-around", covering the nearly 10 city blocks of this event multiple times, doing countless spot shows whenever a crowd gathered, around 500 Really High Fives, and several extended stints in the central square area like the one above where I'm entertaining the crowd with Big Yellow! 



 Chesterfield 4th of July Parade & Celebration
Chesterfield MA
July 4, 2017

Since 1994, I've done this parade 7 times, and in recent years I kept thinking, "Gee, Chesterfield is such a culturally diverse town," but what I didn't know is that for the past several years, UMass-Amherst has been bringing several busloads of foreign exchange students to this event to give them a better idea of how small town America celebrates. In this photo, I'd just met up with the entire crowd of exchange students shortly after they had gotten there. I must have had my picture taken with various students and clusters of students at least 30 times and gotten a Really High Five from nearly all of them before moving on!



 Genevieve Dole's 7th birthday party
Mill 180 Park
Easthampton MA
April 8, 2017

Mill 180 Park is an indoor urban hydroponics park! And like most parks, admission is always free. For full disclosure: Genevieve (in the center of the circle wearing the pink dress and white tights) is my second cousin. Here, we're playing a game called "Red Handed" where everyone is passing a quarter around from fist to fist and Genevieve is trying to find it. Sounds easy, except that while the real quarter is being passed from hand to hand, the rest of us are all pretending to pass it! 




Fitchburg Public Library Summer Reading Program Kick-Off Party
Fitchburg Public Library
Fitchburg MA
Jun 23, 2016

SO many people are just laughing uproariously! The upper photo is a close up shot in the same audience. I love the oh-so-skeptical-but-still-somewhat-amused-against-his-will look on the boy at the lower left. Pop quiz: Can you find the group in the upper photo in the lower photo?




 Walk-a-thon & BBQ
Shriners Hospital
Springfield MA
September 12, 2015

It has been a HUGE pleasure to donate my services leading off the Shriners Hospital Walk-a-thon every year since 2011. It's a big fundraiser and party for the hospital (which doesn't charge anyone for anything!) Although many, many individuals participate, a large percentage of the walkers are teams gathered around former patients who are Paying It Forward by helping to raise money for the hospital. This was one of those teams. I was delighted when they asked me to join them in their photo.



Strawberry Ice Cream Social
River Valley Co-op
Northampton MA
June 18, 2015

This is definitely one of my absolute Favorite Pictures of My Work! I am very involved with River Valley Co-op (I'm a co-operative kind of guy) and show up professionally for as many of the Co-op's events as I can. Without my knowing it at the time, this photo was taken by someone standing partway down the outside stairs that leads up to the indoor mezzanine. I am very grateful that someone sent it to me. I had just finished telling the gaggle of girls gathered below this joke: "Do you want to know what's inside my hat?" [They all did.] "My head!" Obviously, my head is hilarious!



Snyder Family Benefit
Newport State Airport
Newport VT
April 4, 2015

My sister-in-law had a house fire that basically gutted their kitchen and ruined pretty much everything in their house. Her friends put together this fundraiser for them, held at the Newport State Airport. I had a rather small crowd of children in this picture, but there were close to 100 people there throughout the evening and raised enough funds to last the Snyders for several months.




Farmington Public Library
Farmington MA
August 27, 2012

A good-sized crowd of young readers gathered on the lawn at the Farmington Public Library's end of the Summer Reading Program event.

Ballston Spa Fun Day
Saratoga County Fairground
Ballston Spa NY
June 26, 2011
I did this FUN event that's free for the locals four times, and every time, it sure was a lot of FUN!
Apple Day
River Valley Market
Northampton MA
October 11, 2008
For Apple Day at the co-op, I got to read a picture book of the true story of Johnny Appleseed to a very small group. (There were a few more than this, but not many.)


Conrad Duquette's 50th Birthday Bash
The Yankee Pedlar
Holyoke MA
April 5, 2008

The crowd at Conrad Duquette's 50th birthday bash are in the middle of the ice breaker game: Who's the Leader? It's the opening game of The Party Game Show in which the birthday boy (off camera up front) is trying to figure out which one of his guests everyone else is imitating!




  These three are from the Byram Shubert Library,
  where I've performed at least 6 times already. I
  just love the boy in the photo above all the way to
  the right who's pointing up. The library was adding
  a new wing to their gorgeous library, so they had a
  temporary library set-up across the street and a
  temporary activity site behind that across another
  street. They were all spread out. But nonetheless,
  it was still a bustling place and their library events
  were still very well attended as you can see in the
  photo below. The top one is definitely one of My 
  Favorite Pictures of My Work!

The Archibald Center gym
Byram Shubert Library
Greenwich CT
February 19, 2008



 These three photos are all from the Bristol Public Library summer
 reading program kick-off event. It
 was a very active and participatory
 crowd. Although you can't see it in
 the two small photos, most of the
 parents participated in all the
 games! I just love it when that
 happens. Everyone has SO much more FUN when the adults participate all the way through.

 Bristol Public Library
Bristol CT
July 6, 2007



Sarah "Sally" Montgomery & Priscilla "Chips" Wahlen's Wedding
South Hadley MA
July 23, 2005

This was a very sweet event, and it was a gorgeous location with an awesome view, too. They had the event tent set up where everyone could all see the amazing vista. (You can see the tent stakes behind the faceless man in the suit on the right.) I was there for over two hours. We got to do everything: I arrived on stilts, did a show, took off the stilts and showed them to the group and answered their questions, played parachute games, and then we all made ribbon dancers to help celebrate the wedding! Yay!




Adams Fire Department Open House
Adams MA
October 10, 2001 

Look! I'm taller than a firetruck! And that's the Mayor of the Town of Adams MA I'm shaking hands with, too!



CIEE Japanese Teacher Exchange
Amherst MA
July 30, 2000

It was my privilege to lead a Cooperative Play Staff Development Training for the CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) Japanese Teacher Exchange Program at UMass-Amherst five times from 1995-2000. Most of the teachers couldn't speak English, so I had to do a lot of visual explaining, plus they translated for each other. And they sure enjoyed the games! They especially liked the games we did that had an American Wild West theme (the Japanese love our Westerns!), as well as all the acting games. I am absolutely delighted that New Games & Cooperative Play have now gone to Japan, not just once, but five times because of my work!



 Abbie Rosalbo's 10 birthday party
Westminster VT
June 2, 1996



Baha'i Street Fair
Florence Heights
Florence MA
August 4, 1995

This was a newspaper photo, hence the graininess, but I just love this picture. The kids were sitting on the curb watching me perform in the parking lot of this very poor housing development.





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