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Stiltwalking Photos
More than anything else, I get my picture taken stiltwalking, so I have way more pictures of me stiltwalking than of everything else I do. That's just the way it is. Get used to it.

So in reverse chronological order, here's a ton of pictures of me on stilts: 

"TREVOR is BIG in Northampton!"
birthday card from my son-in-law
downtown Northampton MA

Starry Starry Night Parade of Stars
Orange MA
As at my last performance at this event in 2017, after my two indoor shows, I got to lead the annual Parade of Stars from Town Hall down Main St to the town park. As soon as we got there, it started snowing fairly heavily, so it was rather treacherous walking back up the hill to where I was parked. I was very thankful to a local woman who stopped her car and jumped out to help me up the street for the last block because it was scary! 



Chesterfield 4th of July Parade & Celebration
Chesterfield MA
July 4, 2019
The three photos above were taken at the Chesterfield Parade by three different people.

Westfield 350th parade
Westfield MA
May 19, 2019
The photographer, Doug James, booked me to entertain at the Westfield River Festival several times back in the 1980s! It was good to meet up with him again.
Watch City Steampunk Festival
Waltham MA
May 11, 2019

South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade
Boston MA
March 17, 2019

 "Before the Parade"
"During the Parade"
Park Road Parade
West Hartford CT
October 10, 2018
Lakeville Arts & Music Festival
Lakeville MA
September 29, 2018

 stART on the Street
Worcester MA
September 16, 2018


 "Would you like a little ketchup with that?"

Walk For LOVE  walk-a-thon and barbecue
Shriners Hospital
Springfield MA
September 8, 2018


 Night Before the 4th Parade
Randolph MA
July 3, 2018

 Watch City Steampunk Festival
Waltham MA
May 12, 2018
Despite the wet rainy periods sprinkled throughout the day, there was no dampening of the spirits of the people at this unusual festival.
 Norris Elementary School Holiday Bazaar
Southampton MA
November 18, 2017

Walking in the parade (upper photo)
Getting a ride back to the beginning from Johnny Paindiris (lower photo)

Park Road Parade
West Hartford CT
October 7, 2017


Mendon 350th Anniversary Parade
Mendon MA
September 24, 2017


Westborough 300th Anniversary Grand Parade
Westborough MA
September 10, 2017


 "With Samantha and Gabrielle in Front of the Bank"

Northfield Labor Day Weekend Celebration
Northfield VT
September 3, 2017

 "The View From Inside The Chicopee Library Bookmobile"

Chicopee Downtown Get Down
Chicopee MA
August 25, 2017

 Chesterfield 4th of July Parade
Chesterfield MA
July 4, 2017


Strawberry Ice Cream Social
River Valley Co-op
Northampton MA
June 22, 2017



 Hubbardston 250th Celebration
Hubbardston MA
June 17, 2017

Tina Martin and me. A pair of real weirdo's. The big difference is that I get paid for it!


Watch City Steampunk Festival
Waltham MA
May 13, 2017


Newport Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade
Newport RI
March 11, 2017

It was so cold that day: 20° with a wind chill factor of -8°! I had to wear my yellow wool beret with a balaclava under it, a scarf, a down vest, two jackets, four shirts, 3 pairs of gloves, three pairs of pants, knee pads, and four pairs of socks including my battery-operated electric socks. It was, indeed, extremely cold outside... but I was toasty! AND, I was voted "Best Crowd Pleaser" in the parade, too! What an honor! What a parade!


  Park Road Parade
Park Road Business Association
West Hartford CT
October 1, 2016

A rather wet day for a parade, but those who braved the weather were very enthusiastic!



"Going to See TREVOR!"

She's know me since I was born and has doted on me my whole life. It was great to see her and her local family members at the fair!

"Waiting for the Show to Start"

the 3 photos above were taken at
Rochester Country Fair
Rochester MA
August 18, 2016



Fitchburg Public Library
Fitchburg MA
June 23, 2016



Springfield Dragon Boat Festival
Springfield MA
June 17, 2015



"The View from Above!"

 Strawberry Ice Cream Social
River Valley Co-op
Northampton MA
June 18, 2015


 Newport Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade
Newport RI
March 14, 2015 

It was a rainy, drizzly day, so before the parade started, I was waiting under this shop's awning (it's the slanty thing viewed end on, just above my hat). One of the staff came rushing out to take a photo of me in front of their cafe. I ducked out from under the awning for the photo, and the photographer was kind enough to send it to me.



Park Road Parade
West Hartford CT
October 5, 2013


"An Elephant, a Bunny, and Me!"
Irish Festival
Joseph L. Popp Butterfly Conservatory
Oneonta NY
July 13, 2013

Grand Opening
Monadnock Food Co-op
Keene NH
 June 20, 2013

Brownington VT
February 16, 2013

Trying on my newly-finished stilt pants for fit... without my stilts!  *hee hee hee*

 UConn-Storrs Homecoming
Storrs CT
October 7, 2012

 Stiltwalking "walk-around" entertainment for adults. They love me, too!


 Newport Irish St Patrick's Day Parade
Newport RI
March 17, 2012

A great parade, a delightfully varied parade route, and a mighty lot of green!


Mardi Gras party
River Valley Market
Northampton MA
February 25, 2012
A wonderful time stiltwalking the crowd in the Look Park Garden House at River Valley Market's 2nd annual Mardi Gras celebration! A fabulous Big Easy meal by RVM's Quarry Cafe, plus music by Lil Orphans Cajun Express and New Orleans native Samirah Evans & Her Handsome Devils.

Ballston Spa Fun Day
Ballston Spa NY
June 26, 2011


 Topsfield Fair
Topsfield MA
October 6, 2010

It was a very rainy day at the fair, but there were still smiles all around! Ellie(6) and Charlie(4) were there with their Grammy who took this picture.

Topsfield Fair
Topsfield MA
October 6, 2010
On the same rainy day as the photo just above, this guy, Bill Davison, really wanted his wife to take a picture of us together. He was imitating me, too, so I told him to Grow UP!  


"Community Walk for Autism Awareness"
Autism Center of Central MA
Worcester MA
April 25, 2010
The Autism Resource Center of Central MA has booked me several times for their annual Spring Walk-a-thon at Lake Park in Worcester. At this event, caring adults gather a team of walkers around a specific loved one who has autism. Towards the end of the walk this particular year, I just happened to be walking by as Conner's Team was gathering for their photo when they beckoned me over to be in the photo. Team member Erica Ploof was kind enough to send me a copy. 


350 Climate Action Carnival
Greenfield High School
Greenfield MA
October 24, 2009

"Third Thursday" trick or treating
Pittsfield MA
October 15, 2009



"Look! An elephant!"

Burgy Fall Festival
Williamsburg MA
October 26, 2008

The above two photos were taken at the Burgy Fall Festival, a great local small town event.


Gale Free Library
Holden MA
July 25, 2008

 April 30, 2008
Grand Opening
River Valley Market
Northampton MA

 December 31, 2007
Rutland First Night Giant Noise Parade
Rutland VT
Groundbreaking Ceremony
River Valley Market
Northampton MA
May 17, 2007
This is at the groundbreaking ceremony for River Valley Market in the old quarry site at the top of King St in Northampton MA. RVM board of directors president Betsy Powell is standing on the ground. My feet are on the ground, too, but I'm actually sitting on the bucket of a huge front loader parked on the site. It was the perfect height.

Not only is this the River Valley Market groundbreaking, but this date also marked a professional milestone in my career: I'd been stiltwalking for 20 years!   (Mind if I stay sitting down for a bit?)



Grand Summit Hotel at Mount Snow
West Dover VT
January 27, 2007
Looks like I'm directing the heavenly choir, but actually they're watching my helicopter fly during a show by the fireside in the lobby of the Grand Summit Hotel at Mount Snow.
This was my 43rd gig at the Grand Summit Hotel at Mount Snow! Awesome!


Sarah "Sally" Montgomery & Priscilla "Chips" Wahlen's wedding
South Hadley MA
July 23, 2005

4th of July Celebration
Middletown CT
July 4, 2007

 A rare Yellow Sneakers photo! And you can only see one of them! The only other two I have are here and here




KidCity Children's Museum
Middletown CT
June 1, 2002


 "Getting a haircut" *

Hubbardston Earth Day
Barre Falls Dam
Barre MA
May 4, 2002



Chesterfield Independence Day Parade.
Chesterfield MA
July 4, 2001



 "Giving a haircut" *

Abington Library
Abington MA
April, 18 2001

Bread & Circus's 17th anniversary
Hadley MA
October 7, 2000 

Green River Hot Air Balloon & Music Festival
Greenfield Community College
Greenfield MA
July 17, 1999

At the Green River Hot Air Balloon & Music Festival,  I did a lot of "walk-around" that day before doing a show at the end of the festival. This was very early in the day. There weren't very many people there yet, so I spent a lot of time with those who were. This family was intrigued and  followed me around a lot.

The two girls had been doing acrobatics on the lawn as I approached, so it didn't surprise me at all when they tried to be as tall as me. They were going to put the little boy up on top, but their dad wouldn't let them for some strange reason that they just couldn't fathom.


Springfield Day Nursery
East Longmeadow MA
 June 26, 1998


Mountain Road Schoolhouse annual picnic
Gill Elementary School
Gill MA
June 6, 1998
The above two photos are from the same event. The Mountain Road School day care center in Gill MA booked me every year for their end of the year picnic from 1990 until the owner retired in 2005. In the top photo, I'm holding an alligator toy that when you squeeze the red trigger in my hand, the jaws of the alligator open and close. I pulled it out and said, "Does anyone need a little trim?" and was instantly mobbed with kids wanting haircuts! So, I'm giving free trims in that photo.

In the lower photo is the amazing color-changing Chameleon Stick doing tricks for the same crowd. (You may have noticed that in the upper photo at the very left is the right arm of the pink sweat-shirted girl with braids in the photo below. Everyone else who was sitting in front of her is in the mob scene in the upper one!)


Wonder Day Care Group picnic
Buttery Brook Park
South Hadley MA
June 4, 1991

 My impression of a cat!


Amherst Earth Day
Amherst MA
April 22, 1990
Before my red & yellow color scheme, before my Bag of Tricks, before my Utility Belt, and even before my signature Cat in the Hat hat, I would try and wear a shirt color to match the event. I also always wore a red carnation.

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