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 6 Exciting School-Age Packages

Student Options:
1. Field Day Package
2. The Outdoor Special Plus
3. The Indoor Special

Staff Options:
4. New Games & Cooperative Play Staff Development Training
5. A New Approach to Team-Building Workshop
6. The Party Game Show



1. Field Day Package

A full day of FUN includes:
1a. Active "everybody wins" field games by age group throughout the day on the field on in the gym.
1b. Stiltwalking & the Aerial Delights Show  for the everyone in the gym, auditorium, or on the playing field.

This is an outdoor event. The timing is very flexible. Usually the administration sets up a schedule that fits your program so that each grade, class, or unit gets 30-60 minutes (depending on the entire group's size) on the field experiencing an exhilarating series of new, exciting, active games with no losers and no elimination. (See The On-the-Go High-Octane Special  for details on the types of games we''ll be enjoying.) Some of these games are often quickly added to the games the children play regularly.

At the end of the day, the grand finale: Stiltwalking & the Aerial Delights Show: a stage show for the entire group. It's an up-in-the-air stiltwalking extravaganza of trick and skills, loaded with audience participation, uncontrollable laughter, and spontaneous applause. 


2. The Outdoor Special Plus
2a. Stiltwalking Arrival and "Walk-Around" Entertainment.
2b. The Aerial Delights Show.
2c. Parachute Play.
2d. (optional craft add-on) Project: Ribbon Dancer.

For an outdoor school, camp, or family event. Everyone delights to see TREVOR arrive 9+' tall, covered in bright red & yellow from head to toe! First they'll enjoy "walk-around" entertainment: TREVOR strolls the grounds, visiting with everyone in the event area and entertaining them all with his unique style. During this time, everyone from the youngest to the oldest will enjoy jumping to give him really high fives!

And when they hear the blast of his horn, the children all come running because they know it's time for The Aerial Delights Show, an up-in-the-air extravaganza of tricks and skills to amuse, amaze, and astound you.

Then, after taking off his stilts and sometimes even showing the group how they work, it's time for Parachute Play! Everyone loves parachute games! Grab ahold of the edge, everybody, it's time for over, under, around, and through with a wide variety of exciting games played with a large, brightly colored, circular parachute made just for playing!

For even more FUN, there an optional craft add-on called Project: Ribbon Dancer: 1. Choose a ribbon from TREVOR's Big Red Ribbon Suitcase. 2. Attach a couple yards of it to a wooden handle. 3. Decorate the handle with lots of colored tape. 4. Have a blast waving it all around in the air with your friends! 5. Take it home as a souvenir. 6. Have more FUN with it again later!

3. The Indoor Special

A full day of FUN includes:
3a. Active or not so active everybody-wins games by age group throughout the day in the gym or classrooms.
3b.  Stiltwalking & the Aerial Delights Show for the entire school in the gym or auditorium.
3c. (optional craft project add-on) Project: Ribbon Dancer.

For indoor, school-only event. This is the exact same as thing as the Field Day Package at the top of this page except that it's indoors instead of out. Throughout the day, each class, grade, or unit gets  time with TREVOR playing cooperative games. And for the grand finale: Stiltwalking & the Aerial Delights Show for the entire group!



4. New Games & Cooperative Play Staff Development Training

Immerse your staff "hands-on" in a large repertoire of indoor and outdoor, everybody-wins, FUN games that have no elimination, no losers, no special skills required, and therefore no hurt feelings. We'll explore small and large group games, active and passive games, silly to serious games, and just plain FUN cooperative games.

Also covered are: leadership skills; adapting games to fit the group; trouble-shooting hints; and more. Handouts include the above info, plus game descriptions, bibliography, and extras.

Choose TREVOR's standard introductory workshop, or he can customize it to fit your staff needs and school preferences. Great for in-service days.


5. A New Approach to Team-Building
       A Cooperative Play Staff Development Workshop

 This unique team-building workshop uses New Games & Cooperative Play to bring your staff together mentally, emotionally, physically, and professionally like no other workshop ever has or ever will! There's no workshop quite like it in the whole world.

There are no traditional "team-building exercises" in this workshop. No role playing. No lengthy discussions or group processing time. Instead, through a very carefully selected series of everybody-wins games, TREVOR first breaks the ice with a tricky game of Knots that gets your staff working together towards a common goal from the get-go.

We'll explore leadership roles, team cooperation, creative thinking, group problem solving, and other relevant areas... all by means of Cooperative Games. And we'll close with the incomparable Lap Game to mentally and physically bring your group together like no other!


6. The Party Game Show
             Good, Clean FUN for Adults!

This 1-hour show includes a wide variety of 100% participatory, inter-active, social, everybody-wins, FUN party games for both formal and informal events. It includes icebreakers, mixers, minute mysteries, guessing games, geography and math amusements, and even a very quick game of Freeze Tag!  This show has been thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees at staff parties, picnics, banquets, awards presentations, reunions, and other adult gatherings.




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