TREVOR "The Games Man"


A Brief Chronology
TREVOR "The Games Man"

March 22, 1956      Born in New York City ----------------->
Summer 1957        Move to Ferndale MI (near Detroit)
Summer 1963        Move to Des Plaines IL (near Chicago)
August 1964          Family Vacation out West: Grand
                                  Canyon, Yellowstone, Badlands, etc.
December 1967     Move to Webster Groves MO (near St
Summer 1968        Family vacation all over Missouri: cultural, natural, and historic sites
Summer 1971        Move to Sharon MA (near Boston)
April 1972             Older sister introduces him to New Games
July 1972              1st time leading New Games, Rec Director, Blairhaven, Duxbury MA
August 1973-now   Activities Director, FNCA family camp, Fryeburg ME
June 1974             Graduated as Student Body President of Sharon Alternative
                                   High School, Sharon MA -------(SHS yearbook pic)------>
July-Nov. 1974       Live with my older brother and his wife in Ctr Harbor NH
December 1974     Move to Bryn Athyn PA (near Philadelphia) for college
June 1975             Given the "Student Work Award" by John Willey, head of                                      maintenance, Bryn Athyn College, Bryn Athyn PA
May 1977              Graduate from college with an A.A.
May 1977              Move to New York City for a 6-month internship
November 1977     Move in with my older brother and his wife in Providence RI
June 1978             Get married and move back to Bryn Athyn PA 
July 1979              1st outside call to do New Games, Camp Laurel Leaf, Trent PA
March 1, 1980        My son is born!
May 1980              1st New Games Festival, S Orange NJ
April 1981             1st adult audience, private house party, Bryn Athyn PA
June 1981             1st Cooperative Play staff training, Camp Laurel Leaf, Trent PA
Summer? 1981      Move about a mile to Huntingdon Valley PA
March 1982           1st non-camp paid gig, Bryn Athyn High School 9th grade girls gym
                                   class, Bryn Athyn PA
May 25, 1982        My daughter is born!
July 1982              Director of Camp Blairhaven, Duxbury MA
September 1982    Move to the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts
January 1983-89   New Games at Amherst MA Leisure Services Dept after school
                                  programs approximately 1500x
July 1983             Director of Camp Blairhaven, Duxbury MA 
April 1984            1st birthday party, Michelle Deveney's 7th, Amherst MA
July-Aug 1984      Assistant Director, 4H Camp Howe, Goshen MA
October 1984       1st Hospital Sick Bed Visit, BethAnn Freed, Cooley Dickinson Hospital,
                                 Northampton MA
April 1985           1st picture in the paper leading New Games, the Sentinel,
                                 Belchertown MA
November 1985   My After School Activities Program (A.S.A.P.) starts, Dunphy Elementary
                                  School, Williamsburg MA
March 5, 1986      My After School Activities Program (A.S.A.P.) starts, Goshen Elementary
                                  School, Goshen MA 
Sept. 1986           Get unmarried
Nov. 10,  1986      1st paid adult audience, Collective Skills & Fun Club, Amherst MA
May 31, 1987       Move into my first cooperative household 
1987-1995           Run a Family Day Care in my home  
Spring 1988         Housemate nags me into learning to use professional stilts
May 11, 1988       1st Library Performance, Forbes Library, Northampton MA
June 1988            Begin actively pursuing entertainment as a career
June 5, 1988        1st Grand Opening, Maplewood Farms store, Amherst MA
July 4, 1988         1st professional Stiltwalking "Walk-Around" appearance,
                                  Amherst MA fireworks  ------------------------------------>
July 7, 1988         1st music festival, Bright Moments Jazz Festival, Amherst MA
March 19, 1989    1st parade stiltwalking, St Patrick's Day Parade, Holyoke MA
May 10, 1989       1st restaurant performance, the Depot, Northampton MA
May 18, 1989       1st college performance, Mount Holyoke College, S Hadley MA
May 31, 1989       Move into my second (and still current) cooperative household
June 1989           1st stage show, Bernardston Elementary School, Bernardston MA
Sept. 23, 1989     1st Bar Mitzvah, Jacob Urbel, Northampton MA
Dec. 25, 1989      get my first juggling sticks
May 1990            monthly Adult Play Group starts, Little Moon Studio, Hatfield MA
December 1990   1st performance for the deaf, Clark School for the Deaf,
                                  Northampton MA
January 1991       2,000th performance, UMass-Amherst, Adventures in Lifelong Learning
March 21,  1991   1st Stiltwalking Delivery, Kim Eastman's 50th birthday party, Hotel
                                 Northampton, Northampton MA
April 19, 1991     1st cover feature, Hampshire Life magazine, Daily Hampshire Gazette
                                newspaper, big article with lots of pictures, Northampton MA  
April 1991           Voted "Best Children's Entertainer", Valley Advocate readers' poll
June 12, 1991     1st Keynote Address, Breor Elementary "Moving Up" banquet,
                                Hatfield MA
June 15, 1991      1st Wedding Performance, Ann Walsh & Jay Sullivan, Hadley MA
June 1991           1st Cat in the Hat hat (It might have been May, but June '91 is the
                                earliest photo I have of me in it. It definitely was NOT April.)
Sept. 15, 1991      1st concert hall event, opening for Tom Paxton & Tom Chapin,  John M.
                                 Greene Hall, Northampton MA
January 1992       100th adults-only event, Early Childhood Program staff, Greenfield MA
May 2-3, 1992      start attending Hardwick May Day family camp-out weekend
October 1992       1st radio appearance, WHMP "Real Health" show
December 1992    1st golf club, Thomas Memorial Golf Course, Turners Falls MA
February 1993      Founded the Hats Off Performers Guild (stills meets monthly!)
February 3, 1994  1st television appearance, "The Jason Belland Show", Dalton
                                 Community Cable Association, Dalton MA 
September 1994  1st New Games consulting, p.e. teacher, Hartsbrook School, Hadley MA
August 1995        Become a full-time entertainer (YAY!!!)
September 1995   3,000 performance, Longmeadow Center School, Longmeadow MA
Nov. 9-13, 1995    Solo driving vacation down the East Coast as far as Myrtle Beach SC   
June 1996            200th adult audience, Madeleine Molta's 60th birthday party,
                                  Southwick MA
January 1998       500th birthday party, Kelsey Patnaude's 8th, Worcester MA
July 1998            1,000 Youth Organization Appearance, Oakham MA Park & Rec Dept,
October 1998       Marry my lovely wife :-D
February 1999     1st big ski resort, Grand Summit Hotel at Mt Snow, ------>
                                 W Dover VT
September 1999  1st trade show appearance, Chamber of Commerce, Berlin CT
June 2000           4,000 performance, Wee Haven Childcare, Charleston NH
Sept. 4, 2000      Debut of my strictly red/yellow/black color scheme, Charlton Old Home
                                Day, Charlton MA 
May 28, 2001      Plan and pull off a birthday party for my Pop's 80th featuring his favorite
                                group, the Black Eagles Jazz Band, live in his back yard, Sharon MA June 2001           Did more than 50 shows in one month (Whew!)
December 2001   300th adult event, Shriner's Club of Worcester County, Sturbridge MA
January 2002      1st M.C. performance, River Valley Market Bingo Night, Northampton MA
October 2003      1st entire week at a fair, Topsfield Fair, Topsfield MA
October 2005      1st zoo performance, the Zoo in Forest Park, Springfield MA
March 22, 2006   Turn 50 years old
March 2, 2007     5,000 performance, Yurt School homeschoolers, Amherst MA
July 14, 2008      400th day care center appearance, Kindercare, Glastonbury CT
June 2009           Named "Entertainer of the Month" by County Fairgrounds USA
September 2009  Helped create and booked the music for River Valley Co-op's monthly                                Arts Night Out artist receptions until the program ended in 2020
May 31, 2010      1st appearance at a professional baseball game, Can-Am League,
                               Wahconah Park, Pittsfield MA
Summer 2010     400th Fair & Festival Performance
Nov. 2, 2010       200th workshop/training, Natick Extended Day Program, Natick MA
August 2011       1,000th summer camp performance, FNCA family camp, Fryeburg ME
Sept. 18, 2011    1st performance during a church service! Trinity Congregational Church,
                                Northfield MA
October 2012      Pick up a free bike and become a daily, year-round biker.
Oct. 8, 2012       1,000th school performance, Whole Life Learners Homeschoolers
                                Consortium gym class, Amherst MA 
Dec. 8, 2012       My 1st granddaughter is born!
Dec. 20, 2012     6,000th performance, CT Forum Children's Christmas Party, Hartford                                   Marriott Hotel, Hartford CT
Oct. 11, 2013      500th teen performance, 1st Baptist Church Teen Lock-In, Amherst MA
Nov. 23, 2013     1,000th birthday party, Sameer Goddard's 9th b'day, Easthampton MA
April 2014          Helped create and booked the talent for River Valley Co-op's weekly
                               summer children's series until the program ended in 2020  
Sept. 4, 2014      My 2nd granddaughter is born!
May 23, 2015     1st funeral, Dale Burke, Gill MA "He wanted it to be FUN!"
Jan. 22, 2016     1st performance in a racquetball court! Whole Life Learners
                                homeschoolers group gym class, UMass-Amherst MA
Feb. 17, 2016     100 Jewish Celebration, Jewish Community Center, Springfield MA
June 2016          Awarded the Austin Miller "Co-op Hero Award" by River Valley Co-op,
                                Northampton MA for my extensive local Cooperative Games work
October 2016      100th parade, Waterford NY Bicentennial Parade
October 2016      After decades of using wooden peg stilts, I buy metal sheetrock stilts for
                                non-"walk-around" gigs (like birthday parties), use them a few 
                                times, then mothball them because they are just way too clunky. 
Jan. 25, 2017      1st indoor urban park performance, Mill 180 Park, Easthampton MA
March 11, 2017   Voted "Best Crowd Pleaser", St. Patrick's Day Parade, Newport RI
March 17, 2018   Broke 2,000,000 people entertained (yes, I keep track!),
                                Newport Irish's St. Patrick's Day Parade, Newport RI
July 4, 2018        30 years of professional stiltwalking!, Chesterfield 4th of July Parade,
                                Chesterfield MA
August 12, 2018  7,000th performance, FNCA family camp, "Sparks Games", Fryeburg ME
January 2, 2019  3,000th Recreation Facility & Event Performance, Whole Life Learners
                                homeschoolers group gym class, Hadley MA 
March 16, 2019   300th Known Media Appearance,, brief listing of my
                                appearance in the Newport RI St. Patrick's Day Parade 3/16/19
March 22, 2019   Celebrate my 63rd birthday (my favorite #!) with a huge 9-hour party.
May 5, 2019       500th Fair & Festival Performance, May Day Festival, Hardwick MA
May 19, 2019     300th City & Town Appearance, Westfield 350th parade, Westfield MA
March 25, 2020  1st online program, Whole Life Learners homeschoolers group gym
                                class, Pioneer Valley of Western MA and North Central CT
March 1, 2021    1st online performers showcase, MA Library Performers vShowcase
Nov. 19, 2021     Town Common Sing in Montague for the first time
June 3, 2022      3,000th School Appearance, New Hingham Regional Elementary School,
                                Chesterfield MA 
June 4, 2022      3,000th Recreation Facility & Event Appearance, Union Green Town Park,
                                Middletown CT
July 3, 2022       It's my professional 50th anniversary! 50 years ago today, I did my
                                very first professional show!
Dec. 4, 2022       Broke 3 million people entertained (yes, I keep track!),
                                Rochester Christmas Parade, Rochester NH
Dec. 21, 2022     300th Library Appearance, Hadley Public Library, Hadley MA



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